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At  Lakeland Security Services it is our objective to provide the highest quality services  at a cost-effective price for our clients. In order to meet this objective we take time to evaluate each residence or business requesting security or investigation services and prepare a custom program for each individual client. We provide services with top standards, excellent reliability  and safety. This includes focusing on understanding behaviors, avoiding altercations, de-escalating arguments, and dealing with various incidents in a professional manner using appropriate ethical behaviors and proper communications skills. This professionalism gives the client peace-of-mind and safety assurance.

Licensed in Alberta 

We offer a variety of security services in order to meet the needs of our clients. 

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   Mobile Security Patrol.

KeyHolding Service.

 Supply "Fire Watch" personnel.

 Industrial & Construction Security.

  Private business security. (Foot patrols in your business is a great service for loss prevention.)

 Assist with repossession, employment terminations and tenant evictions.

  Assist with property management.

 Consulting, risk and threat assessment. 

 Personal protection service.

 Check in on your family or friends.

 Surveillance and investigations including but not limited to WCB claims and suspected partner cheating.

Health Care Security

 Other security services request HERE


We go anywhere in Alberta!

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Licensed & Insured

We work with the St Paul Emergancy Managment Agency

 We have over 20 years of  Military and Security experience on staff.

We bring everyone home safe! 
 Lakeland Security Services Ltd. 

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Highest quality services at a cost-effective price for our clients.

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